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Intuitive Eating Principles

I had the honor of speaking with Courtney from MommaStrong today. For those that may not know MommaStrong is a fitness program designed to tackle pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. It is more then fitness, it is a support network of amazing women. I highly recommend it!!

We discussed the principles of Intuitive Eating which I wanted to share. I think everyone can incorporate some of this into their lives, regardless of your unique situation.

1.       Reject the diet mentality

Say NO to the diet culture fueled by the media. Take back your body and realize there is no quick diet fix. Keto is not healthy. We need carbs. Paleo is not the wave of the future.

2.       Honor your hunger

What does hunger feel like, do you even know? We eat based on the newest fad diet and suppress our natural hunger cues. Discover those, because without them it often leads to binging later.

3.       Make peace with food

Give yourself permission to eat. If you deprive yourself, it can lead to stronger cravings later with feelings of guilt.

4.       Challenge the food police

Who said chocolate was bad? Why can’t I eat bread? All food breaks down into carb, protein, fat which our body needs for energy.

5.       Respect your fullness

How do you know when you are done eating? Do we respect that feeling or eat past it? Practice mindfulness when eating, pause and say, ‘Am I still hungry?’.

6.       Discover satisfaction

Why do we eat? For energy of course, but also for a sense of community, celebration, sorrow. Embrace all these external reasons. What does the food look like, smell like, taste like? Who is at the table? Enjoy everything that comes with food.

7.       Honor your feelings without using food

We eat for a lot of reasons including sadness, anxiety, and boredom. Embrace those feelings and learn to comfort and nurture them with ways other than food.

8.       Respect your body

Not everyone will weigh 110 pounds or have an hour glass shape…hello genetics. We are all unique. Celebrate non scale victories that your body can accomplish.

9.       Exercise and feel the difference

Exercise should be positive movement leaving you feeling good, not beating your body up and making you suffer.

10.   Honor your health

Everyone is different with what they can tolerate on the food spectrum. Focus on incorporating more foods instead of restricting.

It is best to embark on the journey of intuitive eating with a trained professional. I highly recommend working with a Registered Dietitian!

Kathleen Johnson